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When all the cards are stacked against you, wouldn't you like a spade in your hand?


Sia Spade is a trilingual tarot card reader and intuitive healer, her metaphysical gifts and talents are a direct result of her ancestry.   She is a descendant of a spiritual and claircognizant bloodline that travels through her heritage hundreds of years. Her clarity, compassion, insightfulness, and wisdom allow her to access a spiritually refreshing outlook and understanding on life that she hopes to share with her clients through her readings. Sia has also been a registered nurse for the past thirty years, so she truly understands the essential need for humans to experience understanding, compassion, and connectedness. One session with Sia will have you experiencing a powerful and captivating journey beyond anything you can imagine. Her readings will truly resonate within you, and her enchanting essence will always be apart of your spiritual being. 



" Sia, thanks for the session, Not only was the reading accurate, but it also shed some very important information on the situation with my mother. I did what you said, now I can say my family`s situation is much better. I'm looking forward to keeping in touch.Thank you very much"

- Anna

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"Thank you again for the reading. I'm glad I did it. With your gift, you have enabled me to look forward to many wonderful opportunities that I might be presented with in life."

- Dan

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